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    Jewelry Appraisal


Jewelry Appraisal in Tucson, AZ

Home-slider-jewleryFamilies treasure their fine jewelry whether it is a new purchase or inherited piece. Jewelry is durable, always in demand and often appreciates in value. Jewelry appraisals are beneficial for a number of reasons.

One common reason for hiring a jewelry appraiser is for satisfying insurance requirements. Insurance companies require that items over specific values be professionally examined and documented by a jewelry appraiser in order to be added to a policy. A jewelry appraiser not only identifies what the item is, for example a 14k gold serpentine necklace, but also the age, quality and condition and provides fair market values on examined pieces. This appraisal report provided by the appraiser is a valuable document of the item’s condition and existence in event of loss or damage.

In many cases, jewelry stores provide free appraisals with the purchase of pieces. However, when a piece of jewelry has been handed down through a family or acquired some time ago, it is a good idea to get an evaluation from an expert modern or antique jewelry appraiser.

A jewelry appraisal is also beneficial before selling items so that the actual fair market value can be determined. It can be heartbreaking to sell a precious piece of jewelry only to find out later that it was worth much more than the selling price.

The appraised value of jewelry items is often required for estate probate settlement or IRS filing for large estates. It is also suggested for reaching equitable estate division in situations of inheritance, divorce or partnership dissolution. An estate jewelry appraiser ensures that correct values can be determined for all jewelry items.

Of course, some people are simply curious and want to find out if discovered deals or acquired treasures are actually valuable and for this reason, an appraisal by a qualified jewelry appraiser is a great investment.

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